Wednesday, 10 July 2013

R&D Chemist Engineer

R&D Chemist Engineer

R&D Chemist Engineer : Saint Laurent Du Pont, France

The jobholder will support the growth of the Multibase business by leading the development of one of the 2 Silicone technological platforms, namely Silicone containing Masterbatches. His/her primary responsibility is to develop/ characterize materials & products, solve technical problems/limitations using scientific discipline with the aim of bringing new technologies and products platforms enabling Multibase to meet customers and market needs.

He/she will try to understand the chemical and physical behaviors of silicone molecules and polymers that are dispersed into plastic matrixes, fixing current limitations and exploring new frontiers to deliver enhanced mechanical and surface properties of plastics.

He/she will need to use the Dow Corning’s global network of technology experts and academia sources of expertise in order to leverage the relevant know-how, toolboxes and apply them to the Plastic Compounding Industry.

His/her key responsibilities include:

• Developing and driving the implementation of disruptive silicon-containing thermoplastic technologies, actively participating to CE development projects to support the business growth of the Multibase portfolio
• Developing and optimizing Silicone compounding processes and test methods by using statistical tools and DOE concepts. Scientifically establish correlations between process/structure/properties/function/applications
• Creating, evaluating and prototyping new concepts and technologies for customer validation and business development
• Generation of new ideas to answer unmet needs, define experimental plan and run feasibility study.
• Provide application training to Technical Service and Sales organization on newly launched technologies including compounding & testing expertise
• Managing Intellectual Property rights issues
• Publishing internally and externally the research outcomes and actively participating in key conferences
• Part of the responsibility includes customer technical support (AETS) for Thermoplastic Additive Segment. The candidate will be required to position at customers the benefits and advantages of our technical solutions and be able to solve quality/process issues.

The profile

The ideal candidate 
• has a PhD or an engineering degree in materials science or equivalent. 
• has minimum 5 years hands-on experience in plastic processing and rheology. 
• has a good understanding of applied polymer science such as reactive extrusion, filler treatment, polymer interface control, polymer modification… 
• a background in polymer morphology and tribology. 
• is creative, flexible and shows initiative 
• is a team player and able to communicate globally,
• has a strong desire to be the leader in the industry
• is self-motivated, self-starter and is persistent
• is willing to challenge the existing paradigms and excellent analytical mind going across boundaries.
• is flexible to travel minimum 30% of the time.