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Resignation letter format for Technical Engineer

I was in long time serve in industry, i know technical personnel are very state answering and talks. Generally, they are not much believe in business formalities, letters and documentation etc. But is important that, resignation letter is last impression an employee leave behind. Try to make the letter brief, impressive and effective which make it adversely affects on employer.

Resignation letter format for Technical Engineer - Sample Format

Resignation letter format for Technical Engineer
Resignation letter format for Technical Engineer


Draft copy of Resignation letter format of technical engineer 

Dear Ms. Tarika Seth:

I have decided to quit my current job in ‘ABC company’ and move on. Please treat this resignation letter as a two-week notice of my departure.

During my six months’ experience in ‘ABC company’, I have made valuable friends here, you are one of them. Six months maybe too short for me to advance significantly in the technical field, but I still learned a lot and have made my part of contribution to the success of the company. I would say that there is something more important beyond technical. They are the essential factors of the corporate world, which will benefit me for the rest of my professional life. For example, I would like to pick up the “food for thought”, which I learned from you and actually I made a note of it. As a technical veteran and guru, you deserved and you really do have a good reputation in the whole company.

I want to say thank you to you and the whole team.

Wish you and the team a healthy and prosper New Year!

Simran Van


January 16, 2008

Resignation Letter format for Accountant

It is always sentimentalize movement creates when someone going to leave any organization, both parties employer and employee will having a in trouble for some upcoming months. But its natural that when any employee having a good opportunity at any elsewhere, these will be definite to relocate by employee at movement. 

Preparation of resignation letter is one of important formally in businesses. Its is natural process for business peoples, Any employee has resigned sometimes during their lifetime. Hence, it is extremely important that resignation letter must be impressive and memorable. Here as below sample format of resignation letter for accountant presented.

Resignation Letter format for Accountant

Resignation Letter format for Accountant
Resignation Letter format for Accountant

Resignation Letter format for Accountant - Draft Copy

Santa Barbara 
1577 Cromarty Ct.
Bristow, NA  

September 7, 2000

Stephen Hawkins 
Director, Supplier Disbursements
2000 Single Street
Bristow, NA  

Dear Stephen:

I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be a member of your senior reporting staff.  Your guidance and strong leadership ability consistently provided me with a positive example of successful supervisory methods, and solid business acumen as well as helped me develop and sharpen my own professional competencies.

However, given the current status of the company, the planned relocation to Miami, as well as the lack of a definitive timeline for the merger events, I have been left with the necessity to secure alternate employment.  Therefore, it is with great sadness that I resign my position as the Accounts Payable Manager effective October 11, 2000.  While a difficult decision at best, it is unfortunately a necessary one given our current environment.

It has been a great pleasure to work for ABC xyz Ltd., and especially on your team in the Accounts Payable department.  I wish you all the best in the future a look forward to our next opportunity to work together.


Santa Barbara 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

cover letter examples for jobs

How do you write a good cover letter? - Here are some Tips:

  1. Address first respective person (interviewer). Set up at the top of employer's contact details.
  2. You have to explain source of the job vacancy you applying in opening of sentence in letter.
  3. Describe the title of the vacancy you applying..
  4. Explain why you are interested in this job. 
  5. How you are perfect candidate for this vacancy. Share your experience & qualifications in brief.
  6. Conclusion of this cover letter
  7. Provide on bottom of your contacts. 

Covering Letter Example - Format

cover letter examples for jobs
cover letter examples for jobs

Sample Cover Letter for Job.

April 4, 2008
MMS Travel Centre, Office Manager
PMS Travel Management,
201 Open Street

Dear Mr. Steve:

I am applying for the position of auto travel counselor. I believe my training and experience would be a great asset to your company. I was born in New Zealand, lived in Australia and traveled with my parents through Europe and the Far East. My studies in hotel and restaurant management have given me the solid background needed for continued success.

My experience in the food service field and with customer service at ‘At Jimmy Food Hall inn’ has provided me with the skills to be a productive member of your organization. My customers have come to expect a high standard of service and the attention to detail which I provide.  

I have included a copy of my resume and look forward to meeting with you and learning more about the position, your objectives and how I can contribute to the success of PMS Travel management, Australia.  


Mari Thomas
HB Local market, 
Opp. HH Tm Resident 2
Sydney, Australia.

Resignation letter format for accountant

Resignation letter format for accountant is simple document that used for resigning from the job. Actually, to prepare this resignation letter not required any specific technical skill or something excellent. But it is important that resignation letter should be short and effective that explain your feeling.  I mean not sensitive, but it must show the feeling to leave the organization, staff and its works. It may explain warm thanks to organization for given opportunity for works, space for grow its self and best experience with job.

See the Resignation letter template as below:

Resignation letter format for accountant

Sample resignation letter

Vinita John,
1/5 A, Cyprus road Circle,
Pine, New York.

July 19, 2000

Micelle Angelo,
Kabell Ins. Ltd.
 Abc, New York.

Dear Micelle Angelo,

I am informing you that I am transitioning to another position at another company.  I am resigning from my position in the Financial Solutions team in the Kabell Ins. Ltd, Accounting department.

I would like my last day at Kabell Ins. Ltd to be August 6, 2000. 

Thank you and regards.


Vinita John

Simple cover letter for job application - Sample format

Simple cover letter for job application is making first impression on interviewer. its describe the highlight of the pivot information about you and title job. Hence try to merge the information very simple, short and point to point. That will be give you an advantage before the interview start.

What to Include in a Covering Letter?

1. In the covering letter, describe source of the information about job vacancy.
2. Describe the job title - or name of vacancy.
3. Describe the information about you. Why you are interested in this job. 
4. Show your confident about the job and your experience for particular subject in this phase of paragraph. It should be short, and sweat off course.
5. Request to employer for the job, it is very important to show your high interest for work.

See below sample format of covering letter:

Simple Covering letter for job application - Sample

Example Covering letter

Human Resources Department,
New York, USA

Dear Sir,

With reference from some reliable sources, it is known that there is a vacancy in your organization for _________________________. I would like to apply for same post. Sir, if I will get opportunity than I will do my best try to satisfy my superior with my integrity and hard work. Please give me an interview call so that I can perform myself at your place.

Waiting for your earliest reply.

Thanking you,

B.G. Smith

Experience certificate for accountant assistant

Experience certificate for accountant assistant is a document is certify the works of accountant in organizational manner. Employer gives these document on special occasion or someone leaving away its responsibility from its job. Mostly in engineering and manufacturing industry, experience certificate is also given when someone completed its 10, 15 or 25 years in their job. And this certificate is considers as special or respect full against  his / her honestly provided its services to organization. Here as below given example certificate for "assistant accountant":

Experience certificate - Picture

Experience certificate for accountant assistant, Assistant Accounting Certificate

Sample Text for this certificate:

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Ms. MARIA HERODT has served “ABC Technology” as an account assistant in Financial Department from Jan 2009 to March 2011.

Owning to her skills she provided her best services to our company “ABC Technology” in adequate manner. Management is satisfied with her working capabilities. Her Job tenure was full of challenges and she dealt with all very well. Her job responsibility includes:

  • -          Maintaining Daily Accounting activities
  • -          Generating Financial Reports
  • -          Expenses deposits and other works
  • -          Day to day Petty cash management and accounting
  • -          Sales and purchasing entry levels

During the span we found her diligent and punctilious. Moreover, she is keenly indulged in extravaganza official tasks. She was an active member of the team.
We wish her best of luck for her future career.


ABC Technology

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples

Senior consultant of SAP application is independently handle all the related issues, process flow, and end use troubles. As consultant, it must understand, communicate, troubleshooting and ability to leading the application is general requirement. Hence drive the application and consulting SAP should pivot theme of the resume. 

We tried here to merged all the requirement which is equivalent / and or require for fulfillment of qualification as senior consultant of SAP application. See below picture:

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples - 01

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples 01
Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples - 02

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples 02
Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples - 03

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples 03
Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples

Senior Consultant SAP Resume Samples - Text Format


Goal-orientated SAP-HR Consultant experience with coverage in all aspects related to Human Capital Management solution of SAP for India, USA, Germany and Italy with expertise in Personnel Administration, Personnel Development, Benefit, Payroll, Compensation Management, Organization Management and Personnel Cost Planning. Equipped with powerful communication, interpersonal relations, coordination and analysis skills, fully committed to providing and implementing dynamic, compelling solutions to the ongoing objectives of the client project. 


Over 6 years of software consulting & development experience.
- Last 5 years working as a functional consultant on SAP HR application maintenance.
- 2 years as a function consultant on SAP-HR projects.


SAP HCM Functional Team Leader - June 2012 – Till Now
ABC Soft (
Miami, USA
Global Master Data, PA + OM. Interface with Local Payroll, Interface with Central FI/CO and BI System
Roll out phase in more than 30 countries

SAP HCM Functional Consultant - February 2009 – May 2009
Lab info sys
New York, USA
The activity consists in support and maintenance the modules PA, PD, Recruitment, Training & Event Management, BN and all interfaces with the external PY.

SAP HCM Functional Consultant - February 2008 - December 2008
SKY line,
Supporting end-users working with the software and projects developments in the modules PA / PD. Doing user manuals and technical documentation.

SAP HCM Functional Consultant - November 2007 - February 2008
Alien Technology
Bangalore, India.
Master Data, PA + OM. Performance Management 
Support service and development improvement in hiring processes, managerial and legal reports and reviewing program's selection's mode. Developing maintenance activities in PA module.

SAP HCM Functional Consultant - July 2006 - November 2006
Venus long horn, 
Pune, India 
Personal costing planning (PCP) to simulate the payment system and subsequent transfer of results into another production environment of the CO according to the practice of the company;
Development of remuneration based on the following rules: last effective increment, valuation and period of service
Development of SAP-GUIXT based on photographic records of employees, in the transaction of personal administration (PA) and personalized log-on.

SAP HCM Functional Consultant - November 2005 - July 2006
Unversal SAP info com
Benefit configuration in Mexico in conformity with the practice of the company.
Development of interfaces for the distribution of employee benefits that communicated employee data to suppliers.
Master data control in Go-live.
As a help-desk operator: payroll consultant, resolution of module problems, accounting, employee benefits and union relations, as well as identifying aspects to be improved in the process of employee remuneration.


Applications:  Microsoft Office, Access, Open Office, Lotus Notes, Visio Professional
Software:  SAP-R3, Delphi, Windows 95/98/XP/Vista, Linux

Master of Strategic Business Management, Bangalore, India.
Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering, Oliver green Uni. Bangalore, India.

English Fluent
Spanish Fluent


Specific SAP Expertise

Company Structure Setup

Cost Accounting Setup (related to HR)

Prototype Setup

Master Data


Compensation Management

Time management

Time Evaluation

Gross payroll Accounting

Net Payroll Accounting/interface


Travel expenses Management

Organizational management

Career and Succession Planning

Training and Event Management

HR Process Redesign

Programming in HR

Technical aspects of Personnel Development

HR Authorization Management

ARINSO Products

Project Organization and Management
End User Training

Feasibility study

Project Setup

Project Planning

Resources Management

Project Standards Definition

Quality Assurance

Integration Management

Go Live (

International Project Coordination

Basic Components
Technical Core Competence

Advanced R/3 System Management

Database Administration

Communication and Transport System

Authorization management

ABAP/4 Development Workbench

ABAP/4 Dictionary

ABAP/4 DW Communication Interfaces

ABAP/4 DW Data Interfaces

ABAP/4 DW Reporting

ABAP/4 DW Dialog programming

Business Process Technology
SAP Office

SAP Business Workflow

Self Services
Employee Self-Service

Manager Self Services

Portal (EP or Others)

Web Development

Other Self Services