Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Appointment Letters


Now a days work load on employees are increasing day by day to consider a human resources department requirements, i inspire to create general appointment letter to easy for people who work in Human resource department. 

Appointment letter's terms created as general conditions of indian private companies, you can modify, delete any senescence without author ( myjobsresumes.blogspot.com)  permission, its all are for you.

Appointment Letter Page #1


In Page No 1 & Page No.2 - all terms are made as my experiences and personal views, may companies are use this kind of terms or not are not considers. please modify to sense of company's requirements and applicability.


Date – January 27,2008.

NORTH ZONE – 000 0000
CELL : - +91-00000 000000
E-MAIL :- abc@abc.com


Dear candidate,

With reference to your application subsequent interview you had with in our office, we are pleased to offer you the employment under the terms conditions mentioned below:

1)     Name: Will Smith.
2)     Designation: System Administrator
3)     Gross Salary:  $ 150,000 per month
4)     Join Date: 01/08/2009
5)     Tenure: it is to be noted that initially as the norms & policy of the company
6)     You will be put on the status of probation of six month. During the tenure either party will be free to terminate this employment/training without assigning any reasons.
7)     Initially you will be on probation to six months from the date of appointment and after satisfactory performance; you will be absorbed in a permanent order in our organization.
8)     You will be responsible for the responsibility as may be assigned to you, and you are liable to work for any of our company or any of its subsidiary/ associates company either at our works or any our office/works India.
9)     You will be entitle subject to previous section in writing of the company to privilege leave or the leave as per the rules and regulation framed by the company as in force from time to time.
You shall devote your whole time attention and best skill, ability, technical expert knowledge and care to the working of the company and diligent, regularly, punctually, and faithfully perform such duties as may be assigned to you form time to time.
10)  You shall be bound to keep secret all confidential such as information, documents, plants drawings, correspondence and shall be not divulge or disclose to any one information whatever conformance the company’s product.
11)  You shall be bound to observe the rules and regulation and discipline of the company and or other similar instructions in force from time to time, at the entire satisfaction of your seniors.
12)  Time company has rights and shall be at liberty to utilize your service from time to time in any department or section and you shall discharge honestly and whole –hardly all such duties as may be in trusted to you in co-operation with other member of staff under the supervision and to the satisfaction of the assigned.
13)  During the employment, if you shall be guilty of any misconduct, whatever including any act of in discipline, disobedience, insubordination incivility, irregularity of attendance, neglect of duty being in capacitated by illness, or otherwise the company at his sole discretion to determine the action upon you.
14)  During the course of employment with us you will not engage/ and or concern with any business or profession other than that of the company and also will not work for any other firm /concern honorary or with remuneration without getting prior permission from the company.
15)  After joining for above cited post you will be give job/ duties list and area of the work where you have to perform under the rules and regulation stipulated time to time by the company.
16)  If the above offer is acceptable to you, please sign and return to us the duplicate copy of this letter in token of your acceptance for it.
17)  This appointment letter is issued on the information furnished by you in the application form and if any such information is found to be false, it will be entitled the company to terminate your services at any time giving you notice for reason.




I have read the above accept my engagement and the terms & conditions.


You can copy & paste this JPEG images or you can also read & Download from google Doc link as below: