Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Resignation letter format for accountant

Resignation letter format for accountant is simple document that used for resigning from the job. Actually, to prepare this resignation letter not required any specific technical skill or something excellent. But it is important that resignation letter should be short and effective that explain your feeling.  I mean not sensitive, but it must show the feeling to leave the organization, staff and its works. It may explain warm thanks to organization for given opportunity for works, space for grow its self and best experience with job.

See the Resignation letter template as below:

Resignation letter format for accountant

Sample resignation letter

Vinita John,
1/5 A, Cyprus road Circle,
Pine, New York.

July 19, 2000

Micelle Angelo,
Kabell Ins. Ltd.
 Abc, New York.

Dear Micelle Angelo,

I am informing you that I am transitioning to another position at another company.  I am resigning from my position in the Financial Solutions team in the Kabell Ins. Ltd, Accounting department.

I would like my last day at Kabell Ins. Ltd to be August 6, 2000. 

Thank you and regards.


Vinita John