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CV for system Administrator

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Industrial Experience:
# 01 – Kedarnath Infomation & technology, Ahmedadbad, Gujarat  - As System Administartor for Year 1997 – 2002 with All below Functions are assigned.

# 02 – International, Ahmedabad, Gujrat  - As system administator for Year 2002 – 2013 , System Trouble shootting Expert – certified
Mahesh Bhupati
102, Sagar Vilas, Opp. Iscon Mandir,
Nr.myjobsresumes’s office, Saktiman Nagar,
Hollmark Cross Road, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India.
MO.No.: +91 – 00000 00000
E-Mail :

System Administrator
·         Handling more than 50 terminals.
·         Consulting with administrative and technical staff.
·         Determining system definations.
·         Software requirement specification, collection and analysis.
·         Daily database backup (SQL).
·         Controling system access and security.
·         Providing voice and text transmition.
·         Coordinating protocols for operation.
·         Monitoring and optimising system performance.
·         System failures.
·         Data backup.
·         Testing new equipments and systems.
·         Validating error solving in ERP.
·         Managing Report Generation with Crystal 8.5.
·         Software installation such as Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT.
·         Hardware installation such as printer, modem, scanner, network card.
·         Interacting with the end user for continuous improvement in the project of  ERP.
·         Collecting software requirement specification (SRS).
·         Database handling, give user rights on system.
·         Systems Maintenance.
·         Purchasing raw materials like carbon seamless tubes and pipes from overseas countries such as Germany and China.
·         Prepararing invoice to customers.
·         Interfacing with external implementation resources for all planning and implementation efforts.
·         Interfacing with Software Project Supplier regarding improvement of the project and coordinating the result of the progress in progress report.
·         Coordinating with the software engineers from the project supplier.
·         Handling Database – DBA (Database Administrator).
·         Considering to risk factor, we take daily database backup in evening on writable CD. So, that in case of failure we can recover our database. The database is written in .ldf and .mdf form. Sometimes it also needed to restore other database.
·         Following all the operation to maintain database:
o        Table generation.
o        Granting and revoking the permission.
o        Running SQL query analyzer to obtain defined result.
o        Managing relationship.
o        Add-remove constraint
o        Prepare foreign key relationship.
o        Create new database user.
o        Maintain lease line of 64 Kbps to transfer the online data from marketing office.
·         Working with the functional leaders to define the implementation processes and milestone:
o        The milestone gives the clear idea for project stage and when it will complete. This milestone is represented to management for clear view of project. The Format we are using for Project milestone is as below.
·         Leading the effort in support of management to define and create report using Crystal 8.5:
o        Periodic reporting requirements
o        Metrics measurement
o        Alerts to transactions falling outside of expected results
o        Field Exporter
o        Sections of report header, detail and footer
·         Administrate user rights (granting and revoking permissions)
·         We are using purchase, production, FAS (Financial Accounting System), inventory, human resources, Sales.
·         Responsible in granting the right to user and at the same time to maintain company’s information securely.
·         Responding to questions regarding the system and capabilities of the current technology and systems in use.
·         Training end-user on computers and ERP:
o        Weekly: weekly training is given to all users for continuous improvement in their field. The end-user comes with the problem at the entry time, suggestion, complain.
o        When amendment comes: after getting any amendment in project i.e. updated EXE then it becomes necessary to train the end-user.
o        When new employee joins: the new user requires the training to understand the whole system and work efficiently.
·         Setting up, troubleshooting and monitoring current and new computer networks both internal and in remote location (lease line)
·         Currently using Realtek RTL8139D, Intel RC8254DEM network card and installing the network cards in new system as well as in old when where replacement needed.
·         Communicating with Network engineer in installation and troubleshooting.
·         Using D-Link cable for networking, the network is connected through 16 Bit Switch or D-Link.
·         Lease line is maintained daily, currently using routers and modem for connectivity of lease line. The router of Tec route 2000 and CYGNUS 606SS Base band modem for connectivity. The router is put up at four premises: BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd), Mehnana to Ahmedabad BSNL’s and the company. All this four modem for connectivity has to be well-maintained. If connectivity breaks up then we have to set the status of LOCAL, REMOTE, DIG AND PATTERN to continue lease line.
·         Preparing project guidelines for end user’s troubleshooting and give remote access.
·         Projecting guidelines help to end user regarding defination of the function, its description, and guidelines of that module in ERP and giving the remote access to users

Additional responsibilities
·         Maximizing the availability and utility of the systems while at the same time honoring individual users’ justifiable expectations of an information and communications environment that is "safe" for its users.
·         As an ERP management, he has the responsibility to ensure that system administrators within their units address these matters and should not permit the establishment of servers and services within their units unless they understand the potential for abuse and accept responsibility for compliance. And users should be welcomed to discuss any or all of these matters with their system administrators. All perceived violations of these guidelines should be reported to Mr. CHIRAG PATEL
·         As system administrator, he may perform routine scans and utilize standard security tools to check for potentially damaging or illegal software on institutional systems.
·         Administering email servers in particular bear a responsibility to respect the privacy of their users’ communication. Email systems should be configured so as to maximize privacy. For example, email that is rejected for technical reasons should be returned to the sender rather than to the "postmaster." And routine error notification messages to the postmaster should contain only message headers, not the message contents. Users are encouraged to ask their email administrator how email systems are configured and under what circumstance their email may be disclosed.
·         As a System Administrator, he is responsible for remaining up-to-date at all times with security issues relevant to the systems they administer. This may be done through means such as their vendors’ information channels or Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) bulletins. He is required to use this information to apply all recommended security patches in a timely manner.
·         Wide ranging duties in organization usually charged with installing, supporting, maintaining servers of all linked computers and maintain outage of all computers
·         Doing routine audits of systems and software’s, performing backups, applying updates and configuring changes.
·         Installing and configuring new hardware and software, adding removing or updating information, resetting system or passwords
·         Keeping systems virus free and troubleshooting of reported problems in LAN and keeping systems smooth and running in addition he is also performing following duties
·         As technical support assistance
·         Database administrator (DBA)
·         Network administrator/analyst/specialist
·         Application analyst
·         Security administrator
·         Programmer
·         Having an accurate and up-to-date job descriptions that define the system administrator’s duties, scope of systems managed, and appropriate level of access.
·         System administration duties
o        Administration duties at system installation time
§         Configuring system settings
§         Defining currencies and rates
§         Defining system roles
§         Configuring system tabs
§         Defining releases for bug tracker
§         Adding system users
§         Using sugar studio
§         Enabling the mass emailer
o        Recurring administration duties
§         User management
§         Resetting passwords
§         General maintenance
§         Checking for updates to sugar open source
§         System backups
§         Data backups
§         Checking available storage
o        Recurring administration duties
§         Using the upgrade wizard
§         Using the module loader
·         Evaluating the performance of systems resources such as operating systems, servers and Databases and implementing change where required to improve performance
·         Helping to prepare the annual systems engineering goals and objectives planning document.
·         Personnel management
·         Supervising and participating in on-going work and solves exceptional problems as necessary
·         Mr CHIRAG PATEL is also responsible for how administrative services will be provided and executed within the scope of the computing environment. This takes into account the size and complexity of the environment, as well as the number of users, number and types of specific applications deployed, and how computing resources, servers, and services are distributed throughout the network. The operations manager also considers the various service level agreements in place as instituted by the service level management function. All of these elements will influence how the system administration function is designed, and will dictate to a large extent how administrative support services are applied across the company.
·         As print and output management, he deals with all data that is printed or compiled into the reports distributed to various members of the organization and external parties. Print and output management is one of the processes performed by the system administration function.
·         As storage management, he deals with on-site and off-site data storage for the purposes of data protection, restoration, and historical archiving. Storage management is one of the processes performed by the system administration function.

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