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Computer Scientist resumes

Computer Scientist Resumes

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Veenit Patel
102, Jayvir  Society -1
Panchvati area,
Mehsana , Gujarat, India
A challenging career in the Computer Science field.
Attended Gujarat University, Gujarat.
Attended numerous classes at Digital Equipment Corporation training facilities in the use, operation, administration, and programming of the VMS operating system.
Attended advanced classes in the use of the Microsoft products Access and Word.
#1 Orbit System Infotech – Computer Scientist
·        Wrote programs in C language to create reports and fill specialized needs of the office.
·        On demand production of custom reports from online data using programs written in C, DTR (a database language under the VMS operating system), and various text manipulations.
·        Dealt with end-users in order to determine their needs so as to specify programs.
·        System administration and maintenance of databases, custom applications, and network servers.
·        User support of Windows 95, VMS, network, and custom applications.
·        Designed the network backbone in new buildings by examining floor plans and determining what computer networking resources were required.
Installed and configured network items such as routers, terminal servers and DSU/CSU’s.
#2  Krisytal Information Technology – System Administrator
·        Assisted in the startup of a medium sized Internet Service Provider.
·        Specified, purchased, and constructed UNIX computer systems.
·        Administered Usenet news  NNTP and UUCP servers.
·        Maintained expertise in current Usenet NNTP server software.  As new software was developed its feasibility was researched and in most cases implemented.
·        Performed phone support to assist users in the installation and use of various Internet software packages.
Wrote programs using the Bourne shell and shell utilities such as awk and sed to minimize system maintenance, generate system status reports, and to monitor computer systems for serious conditions that would require human intervention.  Reports were emailed to a system administrator and serious conditions would cause an administrator to be paged.
# Kopali Intermediate inc – System Administrator
·        Meet with Contractor in order to determine the specifications for the project.  Projects included objectives such as:
Process controller for a printing press that would count events and intervals.
Computer controlled, high reliability, SCSI crossover switch box.
Telecommunications remote control.
Large scrolling text LED display.
·        In some cases projects were rushed, and project life cycle stages from specification through manufacture were completed in as little as 30 days.
·        Worked with Hardware Engineer to determine hardware/software methods to be used to achieve the specifications for the project.
·        Assisted the Hardware Engineer in the construction of a wirewrap prototype, and the layout of the artwork for printed circuit board.
·        Used an ICE (Inline Circuit Emulator) along with specially written software to assist the Hardware Engineer in debugging of hardware issues by exercising components on the prototype.
·        Wrote assembly language code to meet the requirements of the project.  Projects using the Z-80 CPU were edited and cross assembled on a MSDOS computer.  The resulting binary file was transferred into a ICE via the serial data port.  Projects using the 6809 CPU used a Tandy Coco computer and an Editor/Assembler/Debugger ROM cartridge.
·        Debugged the software, in some cases with the assistance of a ICE  for the Z-80 CPU.
Computer Systems Analyst, Sacramento Valley Alarm, Sacramento, CA
·        Specified software requirements to automate alarm Central Station.
·        Wrote and debugged the software in the Pascal and PDP-11 assembly languages to meet required specifications.
·        Maintained expertise in changing alarm industry technology so as to retain software compatibility, and then made required software changes.
·        Re-evaluated requirements for system automation to meet changing needs of operation of Central Station.