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resume of software engineer fresher

Resume of software engineer fresher


Name:                  CHIRAG PATEL
DOB:                     22 July 1983
Citizen of:            India
Experience :
ZZZ Company Ltd, Place, India –  ( 2001-2006 )

·        Handling more than 50 terminals.
·        Consulting with administrative and technical staff.
·        Determining system definations.
·        Software requirement specification, collection and analysis.
·        Daily database backup (SQL).
·        Controling system access and security.
·        Providing voice and text transmition.
·        Coordinating protocols for operation.
·        Monitoring and optimising system performance.
·        System failures.
·        Data backup.
·        Testing new equipments and systems.
·        Validating error solving in ERP.
·        Managing Report Generation with Crystal 8.5.
·        Software installation such as Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT.
·        Hardware installation such as printer, modem, scanner, network card.
·        Interacting with the end user for continuous improvement in the project of  ERP.
·        Collecting software requirement specification (SRS).
·        Database handling, give user rights on system.
·        Systems Maintenance.
·        Purchasing raw materials like carbon seamless tubes and pipes from overseas countries such as Germany and China.
·        Prepararing invoice to customers.
·        Interfacing with external implementation resources for all planning and implementation efforts.
·        Interfacing with Software Project Supplier regarding improvement of the project and coordinating the result of the progress in progress report.
·        Coordinating with the software engineers from the project supplier.
·        Handling Database – DBA (Database Administrator).

Tools used for hardware installation
·        Thumb Attindence machine
·        Networking
·        Printer
·        Modem
·        Scanner

Software and resources:

·        Commercial Application Development using ORACLE DEVELOPER 2000 – Ivan Bayross
·        PC Software – RK Taxali
·        System analysis and design (SAD) – Shelly, Cashman, Roesen Black.
·        Software engineering – Pankaj Jalote.
·        Reference books like PC Software by RK Taxali published by Tata McGraw Hill.
·        Bootable CDs of various operating systems.
·        Operating system CDs.
·        Software manuals and help files
·        Microsoft Windows handbook
·        Microsoft Office installation and user manual
·        Microsoft Exchange Server manual
·        Windows NT handbook
·        Microsoft Technet CDs

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