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CV for electrical engineer | resume format

CV for electrical engineering should be cover basic requirements, please consider some basic things at time Resume writing for electrical engineers that is electrical fields is common for all kinds of industry but machines can be different in most company, always try to write all machines name which you had repaired, control panels & wiring details must include in CV for questioner as well hiring team can understand your valve to view your resume. 


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Kimball Shoemaker,
10, Vancouver building,
Street no.05 A, Vancouver,

Cell No. : +1 – 000 0000 000

Carrier Objectives:
A career that is challenging and interesting. A job that give me opportunities to work at the leading edge of technology to learn, to innovate, to lead other and feel the satisfaction of success and potential to meet the challenge of growing demand.

Organization Experience:

Chief - Electrical Department
Oliver equipment 123 limited,
Nr. office,

Manufacturers of heavy equipments

Job Responsibility:
  • -        All work concern with Power suppliers release process and with its agreements processes.
  • -        To be approving of all concern to electrical work.
  • -        To prepare planning chart of electrical required items regarding new installation, project and plant machinery.
  • -        Break down percentage data analysis work of down time of machine.
  • -        To prepare preventive maintenance schedule chart.
  • -        To prepare daily to daily work report under to shift setting and manpower adjustment.
  • -        Electrical maintenance of LTD control panel, Motor, Pump, Generator, A.C.B., and V.C.B.
  • -        Transformer, A.C., Drive, D.O.L – Star Delta Starter & Crain Maintenance.
  • -        P.I.D., D.T.C. Controller and AC Drive programming work...
  • -        ISO Documentation work with practical with Management Representative for plant Internal – External Audit.

-        Electrical Service Technician – June -1997 with 75%
-        Degree in Electrical Engineer – Oct 2001 with 85 %

IT Skill:
-        Microsoft office tools, Windows Operating system
-        Minitab, Auto CAD

About Me:
-        Commitment to Quality & Results.
-        Sincere in Attitude.
-        Leadership
-        Positive, Professional Attitude.
-        Self Confident

Date of Birth: 05.1.1977
Language Know: English (U.S), French, Dutch English.


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